Monday, August 11, 2008

Let us have a moment of silence..

Today the young life of Shawn's DS was cut short.

The DS was dropped and the corner light was broken off. Since that had been broken the top screen is now lose and will fall off soon. It can turn on, has sound, and the touch screen works but that could change anyday now.

The DS had a long and wonderful life. It survived games, water, food, and multipule times where it had been dropped. May it life for the rest of it's life peacefully.

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is my fishy, say hello to my fishy.

After leaving Nana's on August 1st, we decided to stop by the pet store. My dad saw a beautiful fish for a low price *wink wink* and my mom let us buy him. And here he is! Say hello to Puffums!


While Fishing at Mammoth Mountain, we encounterd some "feathery" friends.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camping and Fishing with the Larson's

Camping. A way for man to live in the wilderness without modern inventions.

This summer our family decided to go camping and we were able to convince our mom to go with us! It was a shocker she came! :o We had many many adventures, and we all came back in one piece. We never saw a bear sadly but we heard there was one sighted near where we were camping! We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning camping in the wild! When we arrived at Camp, there was 640 Boy Scouts there. *plug nose* It smelled too....

(Left to right) Daddy, Kristen (me), and Sarah.


Shawn in a kyak!

Proof! That my mom came camping with us.

That was most of our adventure. We had alot of fun and I hope we can go again soon!

A peak into early American life. Real cavern drawings from Indians. On the left is a Bear and on the right is a Lizard. It was an amazing place to be in..